The issuance of the Season Pass by FIRST PARKING (hereinafter referred to as “The Company”), to the Season Pass Holder (hereinafter referred to as “The Licensee”) and the use of the Season Pass by The Licensee shall be subject to the Terms and Conditions.

1. This License shall be non-exclusive to The Licensee and shall commence upon the approval of the application for Season Pass (hereinafter referred to as “Commencement Date”) and continue from month to month until terminated by either party in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of Season Pass. Unless as otherwise agreed or indicated in writing, The Licensee shall maintain the license for a minimum continuous period of one (1) month.

2. Season Parking Fees are to be paid in advance before the commencement of the approved parking period and/ or before the 1st day of every month.

3. The Licensee wishing to renew season pass must pay in advance before the 1st day of each month failing which the Season Pass may be suspended/ deactivated.

4. Strictly no refund to The Licensee for being charges as casual parker due to LATE PAYMENT of season parking on or after 1st day of every month and liable to pay the daily parking rate applicable at the Car Park.

5. The Company reserves the right to terminate the season parking from any licensee without notice if The Licensee’s payment is not received when due and/ or found to be in breach of Season Pass Terms and Conditions, the Car Park’s Terms and Conditions of Use and any notices displayed in the car park compound. No refund will be entertained.

6. The Licensee is required to pay a deposit for the passcard/sticker which the deposit is refundable upon termination and return of the passcard/sticker in good condition. The Company hereby reserves the right to set off against the deposit any outstanding amount owned by the Licensee.

7. The Licensee is required to pay a full month’s parking fee for commencement of parking on or before the 15th day of the month while half a month of parking fee shall be charged for commencement after 15th of the month.

8. The Licensee whom wishes to enjoy tenant's parking fees is required to submit First & Last page of Tenancy Agreement issued by the Building Owner.

9. The Company shall be entitled at their sole discretion to give The Licensee one (1) month written notice of any variation in the Season Parking Fee whereupon the reviewed fee shall be deemed to replace and/or substitute the Season Parking Fee referred to in the Application For Monthly Parking form.

10. The Licensee will be wholly responsible for the safekeeping of Season Pass. Misplaced, damaged or lost Season Pass may be replaced upon payment to The Company with a replacement charges.

11. The Season Pass is issued for a specific vehicle and is strictly non-transferable and any Season parker found guilty of allowing other parkers use their card to enter or exit the car park are in breach of our Terms & Conditions. The Parker’s account will be terminated immediately and their cards confiscated. There will be no refunds for any unused balance or card deposit. Additionally, depending on the severity and number breaches and violations, The Licensee may be banned from using the services of the car park.

12. Every Season Pass issued is only valid for a maximum of two vehicles but only one (1) vehicle is allowed to enter the Car Park at any one time.

13. If The Licensee wishing to terminate his/ her Season Pass, he/ she must be giving one (1) month notice prior to the date of expiration of his/ her current license/ Season Pass to the Company by completing the Termination of Monthly Pass form.

14. No refund will be applicable for any unexpired parking period in the event of early termination.

15. The security deposits and card deposit for Season Pass of any other amount determined by the Company from time to time or specified in the Car Park, will be refunded if:-

a) The Licensee fulfilled the required notice period or termination.

b) Return the Season Pass on or before the last day of termination date.

c) No outstanding season payment or damage of the parking bay.

d) Season Parking Pass Card/ Access Card/ Season Label/ Car Access Sticker returned in good condition and proper manner.

16. Refunds are by cheques and payable to the name of the Applicant only.

17. Please note that the deposit required is a security deposit against the loss of Season Pass, damage, non-compliant of termination notice or non-payment season parking fees.

18. The Company reserves the right to alter or amend any of the terms and conditions without prior notice and any decision made by The Company is final.

19. The Company reserves the right to withdraw the season parking license from any Licensee designated as a Temporary Season Parker by giving seven (7) days’ notice or accordance to the specified period.

20. All records and entries shown in the Tax Invoice are deemed to be correct unless The Company is notified of any discrepancy within fifteen (15) days from the Tax Invoice date.

21. The Company may terminate the season parking of all related accounts of The Licensee immediately if The Licensee is in breach of these Conditions.